Seven District of GB

"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws" - Plato

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S K A R D U:     A beautiful valley and base camp of the tourists to and from K2 and other highest peaks. There are Shiger with its attractive places like Raja of Shiger residence - Shiger Fort and fruits orchards and Khaplu district HQs of Ghanche famous for Shyok river and Chaqchan Mosque on its surroundings. Kharphocho Fort, Manthal (Budha carving) Kachura Lakes, Deosai Plateau and Sadpara.

D I A M E R:     Chilas is Distrit headquarter of Diamer, Chilas is situated alongside the Karakoram Highway and 150 Km. from Gilgit. Chilas is well known due to hundreds of ancient rock carvings and inscriptions in and around which provides unique cultural and strategic importance of this area. One can witness these rock carvings is down a jeep trek on the south bank River Indus and another near Thalpan Bridge. Chilas is also accessible by a jeep trek with Kaghan Valley via Babusar Pass about 4,173 meter. >

A S T O R E:    District Astore is located on very important strategic location and remained only route for trade and military movement between Gilgit and Srinagar in ancient times. It is now approachable from Gilgit by road some 110 Kms. Rama Lake (3,150 meters) can be reached from Astore via 6 Km. trek. There are lot of Alpine pasture and forests surrounds the lake, which reflects the image of Nanga Parbat. It is breathtaking place and ideal for trekking, hiking and gives please view for enjoyment of wild nature. It is about 5 hours drive from Gilgit. One can have hotel like government owned PTDC Motel with restaurant and camping facilities and also a Forest Rest House.

H U N Z A N A G A R:    A beautiful newly created district of this region and famous around the world due historical places like Baltit Fort, Altit For Ganish Fort and some skyscraper mountains around this District. Especially Rakaposhi about 7,688 meters ladyfinger and some other peaks. Here people of very hardworking and well educated. The education ratio in upper Hunza is 95 percent. People speak multilingual i.e. Shina in Lower Hunza, Burushaski Wakhi and Burushaski in Nagar.Nager Valley is very famous for hunting animals such as Marco Polo sheep, brown bears, show tigers etc. Gulmet, Faker and Bar are the popular tourist attraction places in Nagar. Golden peak Rakahposhi is situated in the Nagar Valley.

G H A N C H E:    District Ghanche is spread over an area of 9400 Kms with a estimated population of 130000 and situated on bank of Shoyk river. It is reachable via jeepable drive from Skardu within 2½ (115 Km). It is well known due to its ancient and unique culture heritage. Its location is unique as it sharing its border from east: Ladakh, north: China and northwest is Skardu while to the south is the Indian held J&K. It is paradise for the mountaineer paradise as it is the gateway of Baltoro and other mighty peaks including K-2. Besides K-2, Saltoro Kangri is highest peak in Distirct Ghanche and most of its part is situated in Indian Held Kashmir. Famous Shoyak River is passing through Ghanche besides Hushe & Thally River. The people of area are peaceful and religious, mostly Noorbukshia sect. This is all due to Shah-e-Hamdan the first Islamic preacher who came to Baltistan at the time when there was no one Muslim in the area. Shah-e-Hamdan made revotionationry change in the life of people of this area in a very difficult situation, as there was no means of conveyance available to travel in these mountainous areas.

G H I Z E R:    Ghizer District is situated to the western part of the Gilgit Baltistan. Its capital city is Gahkuch and is about km from Gilgit. It is famous for trophy hunting, jeep safari, water rafting and trakking. A very potential place for tourists for their trakking routes. Ghizer is a multi ethnic District where Khowar, Shina and Burushaski are widely spoken. Ishkoman is 65 Km away from Ghizer is also very beautiful town of Ghizer and attracts a lot of tourists due to its scenic beauty and trakking.

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