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Here you can download all thpe of Notification, Office Order or other correspondance relating which is allowed by the concerned Department/ministries/divisiion in Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan

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"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws" - Plato

Internet is mostly used for downloading different software, games or songs, audio-video. But some important documents have their own specialty and a vast majority of people cannot go to offices whenever they need any type of Notification, Circular or Office Memorandum. Sometimes the need may be urgent therefore, there is no option left expect to search internet, but this type of facility is not accessible easily. We try to give you the required material and by the time try to improve it further.:

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  • Restoration of commuted portion of pension 20152015 Budget : Office Order dated July 7, 2015:
    Restoration of commuted portion Download
  • Grant of increase in Pension 2106 Budget : Office Order dated July 7, 2015:
    Restoration of commuted portion Download
  • Grant of medical allowance to pensioners 2015 Budget : Office Order dated July 7, 2015:
    Medical Allowanc Download
  • Grant of Advance increments : Office Order dated June 18, 2011:
    Advance increment Download
  • Protection of pay of Contract employees on regularization/appointment on regular basis: Office Order dated March 6, 2014:
    Protection of Pay of Contract employees Download
  • Grant of Invalid Pension to the individual having less than 5 years service: Dated April 8, 2014:
    Invalid Pension Download
  • Re-Designation of the post of Key Punch Operator to DEO: Dated February 20, 2014:
    Redesignation of KPO Download
  • Fixation of pay on Grant of Higher Time Scale: Dated Dec 26, 2013:
    Fixation of Pay Download
  • Grant of Medical Allownce to Civil Employees/Pensioners of Federal Govt: Dated March 24, 2011:
    Medical Allowance Download
  • Revision of Bycycle, Motor Cycle & Motor Car Advances: Dated July 20, 2012:
    Car Advance Download
  • Grant of Special Allowance @ 20% to the employees working in Ministries/Division: Dated March 6, 2013:
    Special Allowance Download
  • Minimum Pension from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 to the Civil & Armed personnel: Dated July 16, 2013:
    Minimum Pension Download
  • Grant of pre-mature increment on up-gradation: Dated October 22, 2013:
    Premature increment Download
  • Grant of Computer Allowance to Computer Personnel Dated May 07, 2013:
    Computer Allowance Download
  • PIA Students' Concession Form (Domestic):
    Students' Concession Form PIA Download