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Gilgit-Baltistan, a beautiful area of Pakistan consist having valley and consist of 8 Districts.......

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KKH lifeline of Pakistan


"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws" - Plato

Pakistan is, strategically the only country which is located in the place that all Central Asian States are bound to get in touch through Pakistan to do business with the outer world either through Gawadar Port in Balochistan Province or the is under process and proposed to be build between Gilgit-Tajikistan Road. But Karakorum is already there and it is life line of Pakistan.

If someone wants to know the history of Pakistan-China relationship he must explore something about Silk Route now called KARAKORU HIGHWAY. For centuries Chinese traders had traveled over this route carrying tea silk and porcelain from China for bartering gold jewels, ivory and spices from South Asian. This backdrop lead Pakistan and China joined hands in 1967 and decided to construct about 900 kilometers this mighty Karakorum Highway on this ancient Silk Route.

From Europe to Asia and over the history’s most known tourists traveled on this route. Karakorum is  history itself. From  Venetian trader Marcopolo to Chinese Monk Fa Hien and Central Asian great Historian Abu Rehan Al-Beruni as long as in the 11th Century.

It is now connects Federal Capital (Islamabad) to Kashgar China from Abbottabad across the Khunjerab Pass about 4,733 meters high. This is marvel of Pakistani and Chinese engineers and even The Eight Wonder of the World. NATCO Transport service and some PDTC buses are regularly plying from Sost border to China from May-October every year. The permit for the said can be obtained from local administration in Gilgit. It is unforgettable and fantastic view along the Baltura glacier and other mountains across Khunjerab Pass.