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Zeb Farms Tarbela offers a wide selection of Natural Beauties. Amazing location on Tarbela Canal. Here, you can feel at home and be a part of a diverse and multicultural community. Zeb Farm is set within a riverside of Tarbela in between Haripur and Swabi District. It is all about community living, evoking the classic Mediterranean Riverside lifestyle.

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Property Details:

Zeb Farms embraces the riverside of Tarbela Dam in KPK. This Zeb Farm is all about community living, evoking the classic Mediterranean Riverside lifestyle with a modern, contemporary outlook. Long walks on paved paths, beautiful sunsets and just a short distance from water transport, yachting facilities and a proposed marina, you will always feel safe and warm. the project is built to emulate the Farm, Bringing the blend of nature and modern architecture contemporary living to Tarbela to enhance a lasting sense of environment. The open spaces and public areas offer several conveniences, while the clean lines and modern glass and wood facades add a touch of uniquely Nature glitz and glamour. Zeb Farm is easily accessible via Islamabad, Haripur, Swabi and Ghazi. It is also well-connected with a retail, schools, hospitals and other modern necessities. Just a short walk to the canal, with ample connections to public transport and water transportation, this is the ideal location to enjoy being a part of the Zeb Farms. Family activities, outdoor dining, cafes and bistros, and luxury retail will offer everything you need to live the good life of the Zeb Farms.

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