Zeb Farms House – Khanpur KPK Pakistan


Zeb Farms is a luxury development with a prime location on the iconic Khanpur Dam. Deftly uniting classic architecture with contemporary interior features and residences, lush green lawns, lakeside.

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Property Details:

The multi-story development was conceived as a contemporary Khanpur Dam on the waterfront. Stretching along the banks of the khanpur, the development will become the heart of a destination primarily known for embracing the culture, heritage, and art through the classic architecture of its residences and the diversity of its retail offerings. Visitors and residents alike can live and enjoy in classic and natural luxury in a setting that pays homage to tradition. The wide walkway fronting directly onto the waters of Khanpur Dam features a long series of gardens. Blending traditional and modern architecture, this residential and retail area also brings a sense of fused flair to an outdoor setting.

In the heart of the Culture Village development, the Farm is a destination hub for camping, hiking, tracking, water sports and stylish living. Unique within Old Town Khanpur, this is where friends and family simply watch the world stroll by.


  • Private Parking
  • Lakeside
  • Water Sport facilities
  • Leisure, Family & BBQ areas
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