Air University Islamabad


Are you looking for quality education in the public sector? Air University Islamabad is the right choice for you. It offers various undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. This article will give a detailed overview of the university below, including its history, facilities, rankings, programs, and fee structure.

History of Air University Islamabad

Air University Islamabad offers advanced facilities for its faculty and students. Below are some:

  • Auditoriums and seminar halls for hosting academic events and activities
  • Well-equipped classrooms and laboratories with modern technology
  • Hostels for male and female students with comfortable accommodation and security
  • Sports Complex 
  • Gymnasium with fitness equipment and trainers
  • Cafeteria with hygienic food and beverages
  • Medical center with qualified doctors and nurses
  • Transport service with buses and vans
  • Library with access to online databases, journals, and books
  • Security services with CCTV cameras and guards


Due to its academic excellence and research output, Air University Islamabad has achieved a reputation and recognition nationally and internationally. Below is the university’s ranking:

  • Ranked 401+ globally by QS World University Rankings 2022
  • Ranked 351-400 among Asian universities by QS Asia University Rankings 2022
  • Ranked 7th among Pakistani universities by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in 2020
  • Ranked 401+ globally by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022
  • Ranked 1st among Pakistani universities by HEC Pakistan in the Aerospace Engineering category in 2018

Academic Programs

Air University Islamabad is a public research university. It offers various academic programs in engineering, management, social, and basic and applied sciences academic programs. The university is affiliated with:

  • The Pakistan Engineering Council
  • The Higher Education Commission
  • The National Computing Education Accreditation Council

The university has four faculties: 

  • The Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences

Programs offered

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • English Linguistics and Literature
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology

Fee Structure of Air University Islamabad

The fee structure at Air University Islamabad varies according to the degree, level, and duration. It includes tuition fees, admission fees, security fees, examination fees, library fees, etc. It is subject to change every year, according to the inflation rate. 

Bachelor Programs

Credit Hours
Tuition Fee
Rate (Per
Cr. Hr.) (Rs.)
Total Tuition Fee
of Degree
Program (Rs.)
Hours (1st
Tuition Fee
as Per Cr.
Hr. for 1st Semester (Rs.)
Associate Degree in Science (Computer Science) 67-704,500315,0001776,500
BE Computer Engineering1365,412736,0321686,592
BE Electrical Engineering (Electronics)1365,412736,0321897,416
BE Electrical Engineering (Power)1365,412736,0321897,416
BE Electrical Engineering (Telecom)1365,412736,0321581,180
BE Mechanical Engineering1305,412703,5601792,004
BE Mechatronic Engineering1385,412746,2561792,004
Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering1385,412746,2561897,416
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-Honors)1355,546765,4031794,282
Bachelor Studies in Accounting and Finance1364,992678,9121784,864
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management1385,546765,4031794,282
BS Tourism and Hospitality Management1365,546754,3101794,282
BS Healthcare Management13655467543101794,282
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science1334,992663,9361679,872
Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security1305,412703,5601686,592
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology1324,992658,9441574,880
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (Non-PEC)1315,412708,9721264,944
Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Development1325,412714,3841792,004
Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence1327,700101,64001292,400
Bachelor of Science in English (BS English)1363,630493,6801761,710
Bachelor of Science in Psychology1343,630486,4201761,710
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics1303,722483,9121659,552
Bachelor of Science in Physics1313,722487,6341659,552
Bachelor of Science in International Relations1305,546720,9801794,282
Bachelor of Science in Data Science5,4121264,944

MS Programs

Credit Hours
Tuition Fee
Rate (Per
Cr. Hr.) (Rs.)
Total Tuition Fee
of Degree
Program (Rs.)
Hours (1st
Tuition Fee
as Per Cr.
Hr. for 1st Semester (Rs.)
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 666,070400,6201591,050
MS in Management Sciences317,156221,8361285,872
MS in Project Management316,389198,0591276,668
MS Business Analytics317,70023,87001292,400
MS in Computer Science317,156221,8361071,560
Master of Science in Computer Game Development317,156221,8361071,560
Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence317,700238,7001077,000
Master of Science in Data Science317,156221,8361071,560
Masters of Science in Systems Security317,156221,8361071,560
Master of Science in Cyber Security317,156221,8361071,560
Master of Science in Cryptology317,500232,500967,500
Master of Science in Digital Forensics327,500240,0001075,000
MS in Applied Physics317,156221,8361285,872
MS in Mathematics317,156221,8361393,028
MS in Information Security317,156221,8361071,560
MS/M.Phil Linguistics & Literature314,879151,2491258,548
M.Phil in Education314,879151,2491258,548
MS Linguistics314,879151,2491258,548
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology397,700300,3001292,400
MS in Strategic Studies304,879146,3701258,548
Master of Science in Computer Networks7,15601071,560
Master of Science in Software Engineering317,156221,8361071,560
Biomedical Engineering317,700238,700969,300
Avionics Engineering314,879151,2491048,790

Ph.D. Programs 

Credit Hours
Tuition Fee
Rate (Per
Cr. Hr.) (Rs.)
Total Tuition Fee
of Degree
Program (Rs.)
Hours (1st Semester)
Tuition Fee
as Per Cr.
Hr. for 1st Semester (Rs.)
Linguistics/Linguistics and Literature18+304,435212,8801253,220
Avionics/Information Security/Mathematics494,435217,3151044,350
Electrical/Aerospace/Mechanical/Computer Sciences/Management Sciences/Mechatronics/Cyber Security/Artificial Intelligence18+304,435212,880939,915
Strategic Studies18+304,435212,880939,915

Other Charges

Allied ChargesAmountPayable
Admission Application Processing Charges2,000Non-Refundable
Admission Fee20,000At the time of admission (Non-Refundable)
Security Deposit10,000Refundable After Clearance
Endowment Fund5,000At the time of admission (Non-Refundable)
Convocation Charges5,000Applicable in last year (Non-Refundable)
Thesis Evaluation Fee20,000Applicable in last semester (Non-Refundable)
Miscellaneous Charges4,500Applicable in all semesters (Non-Refundable)
Registration Fee2,500Where Applicable
Re-Joining Fee3,000After semester leave (if availed)
Extension Period Fee (for MS & PhD students)Other than applicable Allied Charges, a 6 x credit hrs. fee per the existing rate would be applied in each extended semester.


Air University Islamabad provides a conducive environment for students’ intellectual and personal growth. The university prepares them for service and leadership roles in their respective fields. Moreover, it strives to promote a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact among its alumni and students.

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