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COMSATS University Islamabad is one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan. This university is a destination for many intermediate students for higher education. This is one of Pakistan’s top universities, with national rankings and international recognition.

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National Top 10

Rankings of COMSATS University

COMSATS University Islamabad is one of the best public universities in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

  • QS World University Rankings — #651-660
  • QS WUR Ranking by Subject — #351-400
  • QS Sustainability Ranking— #=609
  • Asian University Rankings – Southern Asia — #17

How TO get Admissions

Are you interested in getting admission to COMSATS University Islamabad? You can apply for admission during the open dates. Usually, the admission process commences in June of each year for the fall semester, starting in September. Admission opens in December for the Spring semester, while the classes commence in March each year.  

Apply for Admission

Intermediate students can find the online application form from the official COMSATS University Islamabad website. Here:

  • Students will be asked to enter desired programs and general information. 
  • After this, students will be asked to submit their educational information and entry test results if applicable. 
  • Intermediate students must pay the admission processing fees at the designated banks mentioned on the fee voucher. 
  • Once the fee payment is confirmed, the application will be successfully accepted for further processing.

Entry Test

After the fee submission, students must appear for an NTS entry test. CUI issues an exam seating slip; the syllabus will vary according to the program students apply for.  

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for admission to COMSATS University Islamabad, students must score at least 60% in their final exams. Freshly enrolled students will be called in for an Orientation Day. They will become acquainted with CUI. The official start date of the semester is in September for the fall semester and in February for the spring semester.

Programs Offered at COMSATS

COMSATS University Islamabad offers 6 faculties across its several campuses. These facilities include 20 departments and various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies.  

Below are the Faculties at COMSATS University Islamabad:

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Information Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Architecture and Design

Departments And Undergraduate Programs 

Following are the departments and the undergraduate programs offered at COMSATS University Islamabad: 

Department of Architecture & Design

  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Interior Design

Department of Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Networking
  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
  • Master of Computer Science

Department of Economics

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Master of Economics

Department of Management Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (Executive, 2 Years)

Department of Humanities

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Media and Studies
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Associate Degree in Education

Department of Physics

  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics

Department of Biosciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor of Science in Biosciences

Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Power) Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Computer) Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

 Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Department of Mathematics

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Master of Mathematics

Department of Earth Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences

Department of Statistics

  • Bachelor of Statistics

Department of Development Studies

  • Bachelor of Science in Development Studies
  • Master of Development Studies

Department of Environmental Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology

Department of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)

Other Campuses

COMSATS University Islamabad was established in 1998 by the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS). 

COMSATS University consists of 7 distinct campuses across Pakistan, with its head campus in the capital city of Islamabad. The campuses are located in:  

  • Lahore
  • Abbottabad
  • Wah
  • Attock
  • Sahiwal  
  • Vehari 

The University offers: 

  • 6 distinct faculties 
  • 20 academic departments 
  • 8 research centers
  • 43 distinct undergraduate programs
  • 55 postgraduate programs

COMSATS Recognized by

COMSATS University Islamabad is accredited by:

  • The Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  • Pharmacy Council of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners
  • National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC)
  • The Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) 

Facilities at COMSATS University Islamabad

COMSATS University Islamabad is committed to being the top university in the country. It includes delivering extracurricular facilities and superior academics to enrich university life. 

The university offers various sports facilities for students. Students can participate in many sports activities, teams, and competitions with a large sports ground. Along with it, there are many societies, university events, and clubs for students to join.

Moreover, the campus offers a health care center for students’ convenience. It includes a medical officer and two nursing staff to fulfill the emergency requirements and to provide first aid. 

If you want higher education, consider a top-notch institute— COMSATS University Islamabad. 

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